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It is now possible to buy the Lovejoy complete collection dvd box set on sale online for its cheapest, lowest and best price possible online! You might have seen some of the great deals that there are currently available on the individual lovejoy complete series dvd sets however it really has to be the complete collection that you need to buy. At we will give you a quick review of this product so you can decide if its right for you.

The Lovejoy complete collection dvd box set includes every season and every episode of the famous show that stars Ian mcshane. Over 63 hours of great TV spread over 22 nice DVD discs. It also must be noted that the complete collection DOES include the Christmas specials too. Many people are always on the look out for the Christmas specials of Lovejoy so they will be happy to know this.

A nice touch included within the Lovejoy complete collection set is the inclusion of extras. I don’t think even the most demanding fans would have expected any extras for this release as the show was originally produced way before the DVD was even invented. So its nice to see a revealing interview with the author Jonathon Gash, Ian Mcshane and also Gwen Humble too. So this is a nice collection that will make any lovejoy fan really happy.

The best thing about the lovejoy complete collection is that it doesn’t seem to age too much. The writing still stays quite relevant so even the younger generation of today can probably still enjoy the show too!

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