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When talking about Star Wars ship and vehicles, millennium falcon is considered as the fastest and the best one. Manned by Han Solo with Chewbacca, this ship can over run any ship out there in the Star Wars galaxy. The good thing is Lego produced a version of the said vehicle. Lego star wars millennium falcon is now made available by Lego for Star Wars fans and it with this vehicle to manned and play with, your son won’t miss anything in the Star Wars world.

When properly built, Lego star wars millennium falcon shows the exact replica of the millennium falcon. This vehicle is more than 2 ½ feet long and has light-up headlights, cockpit, and hyper drive Dejarik table. The package comes with the vehicle that needs to be assembled properly, a mini-figure of Han Solo and Chewbacca, some action figures and a very easy to follow instruction on how to set up the vehicle. The vehicle also have features like electronic lights, sounds, phrases and all kinds of moving parts for recreating your own action adventures that can be modified and change depending on the wants and taste of the builder. The whole product has a 9.2 x 26 x 23.6 inches; 15 pounds dimensions and a weight of 18.8 pounds. Not that big so you can carry it anywhere especially if you are planning to visit a friend with a child on a different state.

One owner of Lego star wars millennium falcon said this is the best pieces he ever built and he is looking forward for more from Lego. He said Lego pieces are really great to buy and they always offer variety of options. Also, he said the millennium falcon shows what it really has to show. He also said that this is what he recommends for starters because it will really hooked you into Lego building.

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